otl aicher 1922-1991

he anti nazi

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Otl Aicher can describe as a"practical utopian" who belief that graphic and industrial design had a power to transform culture empower individuals. His sense of politics, morality and philosophy was profoundly shapes by his experiences during these times and abhorrence for what the Nazi represented can be observed in his work over the course of his lifetime. his work foolwed by "Anti Nazi" monument. this is because Aicher who's the one of "Anti Nazi".
His wife was the sister of Hans and Sophie Scholl, the two key participants in the White Rose group of Nazi protesters who had been put to death in 1943. Her was the founder of the Nazi resistance movement and together they later founded the Ulm College of Design which focused much of its activities at the postwar design.
Aicher are talented, ambitious and accomplished. he develope a clearprecise style which could speak across international barrieis. His belief was not only strong in his heart, but he also acted upon it to try to improve the world around him. He also wanted to share his insight and passions with other, adesire to teach that was reflected in his ancredible academic successes.


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