otl aicher 1922-1991

he anti nazi

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The Design Work focusing on Aicher ground bresking corporate adentity project for braun and Lafthansa. For 1972 Munich Olympics, Aicher develope a formal language waseasily to understand. His excelent work as design director has estabilished a permanent monument of design.
Aicher has design logo and graphic for Braun Elektrogerate 1954, Deutsche Lufthansa 1969, Bayrische Ruckversicherung 1972, Zweites Deutsche Fernsehen ZDF from 1976. He also designed the typeface Trafic and Rotis in 1989.
Aicher also publishedseven book. The famous book are "The World As Design". He alsodeveloped unique approach to design founded a school and lectured student, designed logos and iconographicsystem and wrote essay on his ideologi.


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